Black Volga

Black Volga

Volga GAZ 24

Volga GAZ 24 1970 Edition. This particular model ran for only one year. After those years of production, countless changes were made to its production, resulting in the creation of a standard GAZ 24 Volga.

Black GAZ 24 was the dream and aspiration of any person of that time. This model was used by special services. It only carried important people and is rarely accessible to the average person. It makes every passer-by turn around every time you drive down the street. Every kilometer with it is unforgettable and every photo is unique.

This car shone in the filming of the film “Chernobyl” – the filmmakers chose it to shoot the final scenes.


– Rent a car in perfect condition together with the driver;
– In an individual case, the price is negotiated.